The seminar series De Madrid al Cosmos ("From Madrid to the Cosmos") fosters the dissemination of research in theoretical cosmology and related topics. The seminars are accesible to a non-specialist public with some knowledge of fundamental physics.

The seminars are organized jointly by the Effective Theories in Modern Physics Group of the Complutense University of Madrid and the Gravitation and Cosmology Group of the Institute for the Structure of Matter (IEM-CSIC).

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UCM Faculty of Physical Sciences and Miguel Antonio Catalán Physics Center (CSIC)

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Taming the beast: initial conditions and degrees of freedom in non-local gravity

Speaker: Gianluca Calcagni
Affiliation: IEM, CSIC
Abstract: Non-local quantum gravity is a class of fundamental theories whose classical and quantum dynamics is specified by "form factors", operators with infinitely many derivatives. After briefly reviewing this paradigm and its role in the resolution of big-bang and black-hole singularities, for the first time we count the number of nonpertubative field degrees of freedom as well as the number of initial conditions to be specified to solve the Cauchy problem. In particular, in four dimensions and for the string-related form factor, there are 8 degrees of freedom (2 graviton polarization mode and 6 rank-2 tensor modes) and 4 initial conditions. The method to obtain this result is first illustrated in a pedagogical way for the case of a non-local scalar field. Consequences for cosmology and astrophysics are discussed.
Date and time: 19 April 2018, 16:00 h.
Venue: UCM, Faculty of Physical Sciences, Theoretical Physics I Dept., seminar room (3rd floor)


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