The seminar series De Madrid al Cosmos ("From Madrid to the Cosmos") fosters the dissemination of research in theoretical cosmology and related topics. The seminars are accesible to a non-specialist public with some knowledge of fundamental physics.

The seminars are organized jointly by the Effective Theories in Modern Physics Group of the Complutense University of Madrid and the Gravitation and Cosmology Group of the Institute for the Structure of Matter (IEM-CSIC).

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Quantum simulation of traversable wormholes and exotic spacetimes

Speaker: Carlos Sabín
Affiliation: IFF
Abstract: We present several schemes for analog quantum simulation of spacetimes containing traversable wormholes. First, we will consider a simluation by means of a dc-SQUID array. The impedance of the array places severe limitations on the type of spacetime that we can implement. The quantum fluctuations of the phase due to the impedance might be seen as an analogue of Hawking’s chronology protection mechanism. We will discuss as well possible applications of these techniques to different spacetime metrics of interest such as Gödel, Alcubierre and Kerr.  Alternatively, we propose a recipe for the simulation in a Bose-Einstein condensate, both in 1+1 D and 3+1 D. Finally, we will also discuss a scheme for the quantum simulation of the single-particle Dirac equation in traversable wormholes and other exotic spacetimes.
Date and time: 28 March 2019, 15:00 h.
Venue: CSIC, CFMAC, sala de conferencias (c/ Serrano, 121)

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